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UK Government offers no evidence to contest geographical scope of Habitats Directive

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Commercial whaling: status report

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The 1999 Norwegian whaling season has now ended whilst the Japanese hunt in Antarctic waters is still due to take place during the cusp of the Millennium. Greenpeace's Richard Page describes the current situation with the only two countries flouting international agreement to end commercial whaling.

Norway seizes Greenpeace ship over whaling protest

Posted by admin — 15 July 1999 at 8:00am - Comments

Greenpeace - direct action to protect whales

The municipal court in Stavanger today allowed police to seize the Greenpeace vessel MV Sirius. The court charged Greenpeace with interfering with Norwegian whaling and disobeying coast-guard orders. The Sirius was arrested and towed into Stavanger on Tuesday morning after having peacefully protested against Norwegian whaling.

Whalers open fire at Greenpeace boat as Norwegian Coast Guard watches

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Greenpeace - direct action to protect whales

Collapse of whale meat market stops hunt in Norway

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Greenpeace have documented that Norway's two largest whale-meat warehouses are full, with some boxes dating back to 1986, the year when the international moratorium on commercial whaling was taking effect. Norges Rafisklag - the Norwegian wholesaler controlling the entire raw fish market in the country - asked whalers to stop providing whale meat because it has not been selling well this year.

Norwegian whalers have stopped whaling in most areas, although some are still hunting in the North Sea whaling grounds.


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